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Emotional abuse for women

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"Do you want to shift energetic patterns that hold abusive thought forms, emotions and habits in place?"

emotional abuseDr. Ulla Sebastian; Visioform.comemotional abuse

Emotional abuse is about power and control. Emotional abuse is more subtle than physical abuse as there are no obvious signs like broken bones or black eyes. Emotional abuse is harder to identify for the victim, the abuser and the environment.

Emotional abuse is a (mostly unconscious) brainwashing procedure that over time makes the woman into a victim. Out of his own insecurity and dependency needs, the male partner tries to keep control of the time, social contacts, hobbies, work activities and the physical environment of his woman.

Verbal attacks and neglect of or ridiculing the needs of his woman erodes her self-esteem, undermines the trust in herself and her perceptions, increases feelings of fearfulness and anxiety and damages her sense that life has meaning and that the world is a good and safe place.

The woman often believes that she is responsible for how the relationship works. Instead of leaving, she strives to modify her behaviour with the hope of de-escalating or preventing his abuse... [read more]

As abuse is so wide spread, you may want extra help in understanding the dynamics of abuse and in shifting the energetic patterns that hold the abusive patterns in place so that you can develop healthy relationship patterns and communication skills.

I offer distance courses where I shift those energetic patterns through a broad range of healing modalities such as movement, breathing, colour or sound.

With this work, I am delighted to share forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of Selfgrowth and transformation with you to assist you in regaining your power faster, less painful and more effective.

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Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Dr. Ulla Sebastian

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