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Energetic Healing

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"Do you want to shift the energetic patterns that hold physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and negative belief systems in place? – Then use Energetic Healing"

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Energetic Healing is based on quantum physics. From that point of view, any disease, emotional disturbance, conflict or mental problem can be defined as a disruption or distortion within the informational energy field.

Energetic healing aims towards correcting dissonance within the information field of the body that enables the body to heal itself naturally. Besides addressing health problems, energetic healing can also be used for the prevention of health problems by detecting problems in the energetic field before they materialize physically. Problems that easily manifest as bodily symptoms are negative thought forms, conflicts or emotional disorders.

Energetic healing uses a broad spectrum of healing modalities from western and eastern traditions. Among them are body movements, breath techniques, acupuncture, toning, overtone chanting, tuning fork vibrations, light frequencies, creative expression and affirmations.

Energetic healing addresses body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit, rather than treating any of these levels separately.

Energetic healing zooms right into the core of the problem shifting the energetic patterns that keep physical symptoms, destructive emotions, life-depleting habits and negative thought forms in place... [read more]

I spent forty years of training to expand my filters so that my intuition can reach into the level where we are all connected. It's nothing more spectacular than tuning a radio into the right frequency of the sender.

I am delighted to use my intuition today to make your journey faster, less painful and more effective.

I offer life coaching and distance courses that focus on Selfgrowth, money, love, health, other areas and life in general.

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Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Dr. Ulla Sebastian

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