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Holographic Repatterning

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"Do you want to shift the energetic patterns that hold physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and negative belief systems in place? – Then use Holographic Repatterning"

holographic repatterningDr. Ulla Sebastian; Visioform.comholographic repatterning

Holographic Repatterning®, developed by Chloe Wordsworth, is a process that makes it possible to create positive change in any area of your life where you experience limitation.

Holographic Repatterning is based on a foundation of principles from new physics and psychology as well as ancient knowledge of the Chakra system of India and the Five Element-Meridian system of China.

Through the Holographic Repatterning Process for Positive Change you identify the opportunities that your problems provide for you to move to a higher level of order and awareness. Ultimately, all positive change involves moving to higher states of coherence within yourself.

Holographic Repatterning has been successfully applied to a wide range of areas. You can use Holographic Repatterning to create prosperity, success, deep relationships, health, vitality, joy or whatever else may be important for you. Within the process, all your parts get synchronised to work towards your goals.... [read more]

I offer Holographic Repatterning in different settings: as individual sessions done in person, by phone or as remote healing, within groups or within distance courses.

I have explored with great success distance courses that focus on Selfgrowth, money, love, health, other areas of life and life in general. The courses address body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit, rather than treating any of these levels separately.

Within the courses I cover a broad spectrum of topics that are tailor made to suit each participants needs. Such issues include: your vision and life’s purpose, improving your self esteem, reducing stress, coping with health problems, dissolving mental strains, clearing relationship issues, solving conflicts within your job, dealing with difficult life circumstances, or shifting from suffering to joy in life.

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Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Dr. Ulla Sebastian

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