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Overcoming Depression

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"Do you want to shift energetic patterns that keep perfectionism, low self esteem and depressive habits in place?"

overcoming depressionDr. Ulla Sebastian; Visioform.comovercoming depression

Depression is more than that sense of feeling "down" or discouraged at times when things are not going well. Depression involves sadness, pessimism, a preoccupation with personal problems, and perhaps self-pity, anguish, crying, and hopelessness.

Symptoms of depression can range from mild versions such as temporary withdrawal, low energy, tiredness and sleeping problems over moderate forms such as feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, decreased productivity, poor concentration or poor appetite to severe symptoms of recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.

There are many effective ways to deal with depression.

You can learn to control your thoughts and feelings and replace the typical negative thought habits that focus on problems and faults with a realistic appraisal of the small successes and joys of life... [read more]

I offer books, free articles and a free course with suggestions of how you can deal with depression. Just click the link at the end of this page to get there.

Does overcoming depression feel like a task too big to even start the journey?

This deep-rooted resistance to overcome depression has to do with the underlying energetic structure that keep depressive thought forms, habits and feelings in place. For basic shifts to happen the body-mind-system needs rewiring so that new options become available in order to successfully deal with depression.

If you need professional support for overcoming depression, I offer life coaching and distance courses for a self empowered, healthy and fulfilled life.

With this work, I am delighted to share forty years of research and a lifelong experience of selfgrowth and transformation with you to assist you in overcoming depression faster, less painful and more effective.

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