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Do you want to shift energetic patterns that keep perfectionism, low self esteem and depressive habits in place?

Building self esteem and self confidence is crucial for a self empowered, healthy and fulfilled life.

Self esteem is more than the normal ."ups and downs." that you experience when life doesn't meet your needs or rewards you for your efforts.

Self esteem is a basic image that you hold about yourself and that developed and evolved through experiences during your childhood. Your self esteem reflects how parents, teachers or peers valued your successes and failures.

If you look back at your childhood:

Were you often harshly criticized, ridiculed or teased for failures in performance such as getting a poor grade or losing a game? Were you expected to be ."perfect." all the time?

If so, remember: We as human beings have to make mistakes in order to learn and to improve ourselves. Don't take a mistake as being a devaluation of your whole self.

Low self esteem can hide behind a facade of looking happy and successful. Underneath there is the terror of failure. If you feel driven to continuously produce successes watch out. Such efforts often lead to burn out.

The sense of having failed in life can affect all areas of life. It may lead to work stress and failure in the job, relationship stress and loneliness, depression, and, as a consequence, an increased danger of drug and alcohol abuse.

Building self esteem means to learn to realistically acknowledge your strengths and limitations. Building self esteem means to learn to differentiate between less than perfect actions and your Self so that you can accept yourself as worthy and worthwhile even if you make mistakes. Building self esteem means to take the authority back that you have given to others in making judgements about your accomplishments and your value as a human being.

I offer books, free articles and a free course with suggestions of how you can improve your self esteem and self confidence. Just click the link in the main menu to get there.

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