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Do you want to shift the energetic patterns that hold physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and negative belief systems in place? – Then use the Power of your Consciousness!

Consciousness heals. We know that since Freud's time. Consciousness allows those parts that got repressed, denied and 'forgotten' to be recovered so that you can become more whole.

Consciousness is like a light that you shine on the dark areas of your subconscious. As you bring the events that are stored in your memory to the light, you can look at them from different perspectives, give them meaning and significance and integrate them into your conscious mind.

Ken Wilber in his impressive work points out that we change our perspective on life as we pass through different levels of consciousness. Each of these levels of consciousness has its own characteristics, dynamics and pathologies.

Consciousness is a journey from being driven by your impulses as an infant to mastering your life with the many stages in between.

As infants, we struggle to cope with the material world, progress to master the emotions and the world of thoughts and concepts and may then even go further to explore the world of the Great Spirit in later age.

As you move from one level of consciousness to the next you expand not only your perspective on life but also change how you see and value events in your own life.

Have you ever wondered about what you highlighted in a book that you read many years ago? It may not be at all what you would find fascinating today.

Consciousness is a tool that allows you to see earlier events in a new light. This is also true for painful events. Instead of focusing on the harm, consciousness allows you to see the 'gift', the higher purpose, the learning for the soul.

If the harm has been so deep that it feels like it ruined your life, it may take many years of personal work before you can even approach the question what the teaching for the soul may have been.

I offer a book 'Growing through Joy' that may help you in such a case.

Consciousness also allows you to choose between staying stuck on suffering or shift the underlying energetic structures that keep that suffering in place.

For basic shifts to happen the body-mind-system needs rewiring so that new options become available in order to move towards a self empowered and fulfilled life.

It's never too late to create a happy childhood.

If you wonder how to do it, click the links in the main menu. I offer books, free articles and free courses for self help on various areas of life.

In my Ebook: Beyond suffering (Printversion: Growing through Joy) you will find a broad spectrum of techniques to shift your consciousness in such a way that you can create a happy childhood

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