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Do you want to shift energetic patterns that keep perfectionism, low self esteem and depressive habits in place?

Depression is more than that sense of feeling "down" or discouraged at times when things are not going well. Depression involves sadness, pessimism, a preoccupation with personal problems, and perhaps self-pity, anguish, crying, and hopelessness.

Symptoms of depression can range from mild versions such as temporary withdrawal, low energy, tiredness and sleeping problems over moderate forms such as feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, decreased productivity, poor concentration or poor appetite to severe symptoms of recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.

There are many reasons why you might feel depressed. You may undergo major life changes such as divorce, separation, loss of a job, retirement or moving town. Or you may feel unhappy about your marital situation or fear physical and mental problems of old age.

Depression may also occur without any outer trigger. Perfectionism, low self worth, mood swings, dissatisfaction with life, the chronic use of alcohol or other drugs or even prescribed medications may lead to depression.

There are many effective ways to deal with depression.

You can use exercises to increase the energy level which has a major impact in dealing with depression

You can learn to control your thoughts and feelings and replace the typical negative thought habits that focus on problems and faults with a realistic appraisal of the small successes and joys of life that we all experience no matter how challenging the conditions may be.

You may explore new activities and interests that give you satisfaction, help you to feel good about yourself, and keep the mind off problems and negative thoughts and emotions. On top of it, they open the door to meet like minded people, improve conversation skills and help in making and keeping friends.

You can replace bad habits of blaming, criticising and expecting the worst through assertiveness skills, good problem-solving skills, positive thinking and humour.

I offer books, free articles and a free course with suggestions of how you can cope with depression. Just click the links in the main menu to get there.

In my Ebook: Beyond suffering (Printversion: Growing through Joy) you will find a broad range of techniques how to strengthen a positive self

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