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How about living your vision and life purpose? It's never too late to live a self empowered and fulfilled life.

Do you have a life purpose? Are you aware of your goals and dreams and do you know how to achieve them?

A life purpose is like a light that helps you to focus your energy towards a distant goal and to overcome hindrances and blockages on the way.

A life purpose may be like a key word that runs like a red thread through many of your experiences.

In my seminars I found out, that many people could put their life under such a motto. For some is it love, for other trust, justice, hope, fairness, openness, wisdom, luck, wealth, fulfillment, integrity, truth, creativity, beauty, humanness, harmony, health or freedom.

What is the motto of your life or your present phase of life? Could you name it without having to think about it? If not, I suggest a little exercise, that you can use for free if you click on the link at the end. It's part of a free course of how to find your vision and live your life's purpose.

Writing down your life purpose is like a commitment to yourself to reach your goals. A goal focuses your energy and directs it. A goal allows you to overcome difficult situations.

In working with life purposes I use the technique of setting goals that are clear images of a desired result:

  • Clear means that you recognise it when it happens.

  • Image means that you engage the right side of your brain to visualise a mental image that serves as a blueprint out of which your future will unfold.

  • Desired means that you would accept the result if you could have it, and

  • Result means that you focus on a final motive and not a process.

For example, if you desire money, ask yourself what you would like to do with it? Is it security or recognition that you hope money will give you? If so, then security or recognition would be the result. You may receive that even without the money.

If you have the clear picture of a desired result, summarise it in a few key words and form a picture in your mind that represents it. This process is called visualisation. It engages your left and right brain, your conscious and unconscious self, and unites its combined forces behind a common goal.

Some people are great in designing beautiful life purposes and plans, but if it comes down to bring them into reality, they never get done. You may know this phenomenon from all the great New Year resolutions that never come true.

Do you have the will power, persistence or desire to manifest your life purpose? Are you just lacking the information or experience how to realise it?

I offer a free course with instructions of how to find your life purpose, set goals and take the necessary steps. Just click the link in the main menu to get there.

In my Ebook: Beyond suffering (Printversion: Growing through Joy) you will find a comprehensive description of the different steps how to envision your life purpose and how to take the necessary steps

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