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Do you want to shift the energetic patterns that hold physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and negative belief systems in place? – Here are your Tools for Self Help.

Self help is an important capacity to cope with the challenges of life. Self help requires that you have the appropriate tools for it.

I offer background information and courses that you can use for free to deal with a broad range of subjects: finding and living your vision and life's purpose, improving your self esteem, reducing stress, coping with health problems, dissolving mental strains, clearing relationship issues, solving conflicts within your job, dealing with difficult life circumstances, or shifting from suffering to joy in life.

The background information and the courses are based on forty years of research and a lifelong experience of Selfgrowth and transformation. I wish that these tools may assist you to live an empowered and fulfilled life.

I will expand that information over time. Please, bookmark this page.

Information that is available now covers the following subjects:

  • Professional Help for a Positive Self: Energetic Healing, Resonance Repatterning, Life Coaching
  • Self Help for Positive Living: Consciousness, Positive Affirmations, Self Help
  • Vision and Life's Purpose: Life Purpose, Midlife Passage
  • Creating Healthy Relationships: True Love, Codependency, Codependent Relationships, Love Addiction, Overcoming Codependency
  • Improving Your Health: Beyond Suffering, Coping with stress, Dealing with depression, Improving Self esteem
  • Overcoming Abuse: Abusive Relationships, Emotional Abuse, Overcoming abuse
  • Money and Prosperity Consciousness: Money and Abundance, Prosperity consciousness, Debt reduction, Success

I offer free articles on the following subjects

  • Healing Sexual Abuse
  • Addicted to Suffering
  • Searching for our True Identity
  • From Horse(wo)man to Centaur. Healing the Split between Body, Mind and Soul
  • Holographic Repatterning: The Law of Resonance

I offer free courses on the following subjects:

  • Overcome Depression and Improve Your Self Esteem
  • Create Your Vision and Live Your Life's Purpose
  • Choose Positive Affirmations for Your Health, Abundance and Relationships In Life
  • Creating Healthy Relationships

In my Ebook: Beyond suffering (Printversion: Growing through Joy) you will find a broad range of techniques that will teach you how to

  • breathe and pulse in your natural way to build up your energy level

  • connect with your Higher Self

  • remove blockages to your fulfilment

  • let go of the past and live in the here and now

  • stop being a victim

  • get clear on your vision and goals in life

  • understand the higher meaning of painful life experiences and to use them to build your inner strength

  • stop hurting yourself

  • broaden your consciousness and increase your practical intelligence

  • set clear boundaries for your protection

  • let go of painful childhood experiences

  • know your limitations and how to expand them

  • improve your physical health and energy level

  • release tensions and relax deeply

  • see through your own games and the games others play

  • use the power of your mind to create the reality that you want

  • use the power of your inner guide for direction

  • make powerful choices that magically draw into your life the resources you need

  • change the monsters of your life (fears, terror, anger, inner criticism) into allies

To expand your consciousness, you will discover

  • The four pillars of how to grow joy in your life

  • The difference it makes when you say YES: YES to life, to the Self, to the other person, to your community, to human values and to the union with life and the challenges that you have to face in making these choices

  • How the creation of your own story keeps you in bondage and how you can change it

  • How self-forgiveness can set you free

  • The difference between guilt feelings and responsibility

  • The difference between a victim and a victim attitude

  • The illusion of romantic love, how it makes you unhappy and how you can move beyond it

  • The secret of true sharing

  • The power of counting your blessings

  • The balance of giving and receiving and how you can attain it

  • The spiral nature of the process of life

  • How you can use love as a growth process

  • How you can use your life patterns as signposts for a fulfilled life

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