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Midlife passage or midlife crisis?

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Are you in midlife crisis or in a midlife passage? Check the following questions:

* Are you suddenly wondering where your life is going?

* Do you feel discontent with your lifestyle or bored with activities or people that up to now filled your life?

* Are you tired of being stuck in the same old problems with your relationships, health, work, money and you want to break free of it?

* Are you now questioning decisions that you made in the past?

* Are you questioning the meaning of life?

If you answer “Yes” to most of the above questions you have entered the midlife passage. The midlife passage is a time of reappraising your present life structures, looking back at how you got there and looking forward to where you want to go.

Midlife passage is a time where the roads of options narrow. It is a time of transition that brings with it physical changes and new responsibilities such as caring for younger children, grandchildren, or older parents.

This time of transition can also be experienced as a midlife crisis, esp. if physical health is detoriating, the workplace is in question, the marriage is unsatisfying and the future unpredictable.. [read more]

If you need professional support, I offer life coaching and distance courses for a self empowered, healthy and fulfilled life.

With this work, I am delighted to share forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of Selfgrowth and transformation with you to make your passage through midlife faster, less painful and more effective. faster, less painful and more effective.

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Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Dr. Ulla Sebastian

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