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Relationship Addiction

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"Do you want to shift energetic patterns that hold Codependency and Relationship Addiction in place?"

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Relationship Addiction is focused on relationships as the solution to inner pain, loneliness and emptiness. In Relationship Addiction, the relationship or the need for romance is all consuming. Nothing else in life has equal importance.

The Relationship addict has very intense emotions including anger, fear, hate and ‘love’ for the other person, and it is this extreme positive or negative intensity that differentiates Relationship Addiction from habits where we often also develop a craving for the object of desire.

An addiction usually affects and includes the body, emotions and the mind.

We all may have experienced such symptoms at the loss of a loved one. In case of Relationship Addiction, there is also a desperate need to regain this person or relationship back, accompanied by an increasing sense of guilt or shame about one’s ‘weakness’ to let go of this relationship.

On an emotional-mental level, being in love makes most people feel good. In case of Relationship Addiction, it creates a feeling of being ‘on top of the world’, feeling drunken by love, being euphoric beyond any sense of reality about the steps necessary to turn the attraction into a workable relationship.

When these feelings fade away, the Relationship addict will do anything to regain this love even at the price to submerge their own personality into the loved one by fully identifying with their interests and needs... [read more]

I offer distance courses where I shift those energetic patterns through a broad range of healing modalities such as movement, breathing, colour or sound.

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