Holographic Repatterning: The Law Of Resonance

(Holographic Repatterning has been renamed Resonance Repatterning™)

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The following text is an excerpt from the book: Ulla Sebastian: Growing through Joy. Findhorn Press. Spring 1999

Body, Mind And Soul As A Vibratory Field Of Resonance

In the chapter about 'The Cycle of Manifestation' I pointed out that we can trace back our thoughts, feelings and physical processes to the functioning and interplay of the five elements. These five elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are names given to specific qualities of energy and consciousness. The five elements are the expression of an underlying pulsating energy field that is the base of all life. With its pulsating movement of expansion and contraction it creates wave patterns that energise and vitalise and shape our physical processes, organs and systems as much as our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Each wave pattern has a frequency. In physics, frequencies are measured in cycles per second. Each organ in the body has a different frequency which guarantees its optimal functioning. We use this knowledge if we balance and harmonise the body-mind system by using healing sounds.

Our senses, as well perceive everything in our environment in terms of frequencie. We see, hear, smell, taste and touch though only within a certain range. We hear for instance only waves that run from 16-20.000 cycles per second. The sound of the bat escapes us. We see no skeleton like the X-rays and we are not able to discover radioactive radiation with our eye. Some poisons escape our smell sense, and smokers know, how their sense of taste is restricted beyond the normal range. All frequencies effect us in our life, even if we do not record them with our normal senses.

If you are flowing with life, your body-mind-system swings at its optimal frequency. In the section about 'The basic pulsation of life' I pointed out how such an optimal resonance looks like. You feel connected with the earth, the people and the universe and you experience this as love, joy and fulfillment.

For most people, the basic pulsation of life got disrupted or blocked at some point by the circumstances of their lives. They keep their breath, armour their muscles or even stop breathing all together. The body responds with tensions, symptoms and finally disease to cope with these imbalances. The soul and emotional body may experience pain, depression, conflicts, work-difficulties, unhappy relationships or a general sense of being unable to feel happy and joyful.

If all these symptoms and states of stress and unhappiness can be traced back to frequency wave patterns, this means that we can change that specific configuration. This is as simple as finding the right station in the radio or television - if you know how to do it. If you twist the dial on the radio, all you do is changing frequencies. All we therefore need is a system like a radio or television which provides us with this option.

Such a system is the six-step-process that Chloe Wordsworth very eloquently put together. She combines a broad spectrum of traditional and modern healing modalities into an elaborate system that helps to identify those aspects in our body-mind-system that have lost their optimal frequency, and to check for those self-healing techniques that will assist the bodymind-system to regain its optimal functioning.

You can learn the procedure yourself within three weekend seminars, you can go to a qualified practitioner to help you with difficult areas and questions in your life, or you can register for a course where a qualified practitioner shifts the frequency of a specific theme for a whole group.

The next section will give you an overview over the Six-step-process followed by an explanation of the procedure.


The Six-Step-Process

Step 1: Preparation

The first step of the six-step-process deals with our willingness to improve or expand our life. We only change, if we are ready to change. This sentence is not as prosaic as it sounds. Often our mind or our will are moving ahead while our emotions hold us back.

A deep change will only happen, if our whole system, our thoughts, feelings and will are aligned and ready to solve the problem. Sometimes, despite of our expressed intention, we may not be ready to look at our life-depleting strategies and to change them. In this case, we need to attune our bodymind to use the session at its best.

2. Motivation

We change only, if we are motivated to change. The second step deals with those motives that make us seek help.

As long as we are attached to suffering, the impulses for change predominantly stem from this area. Most people move along a chosen path until external forces change the direction. Generally these are diseases, separations, losses, unemployment or homelessness, circumstances, which painfully and decisively change the course of life. If you understand these events correctly and act upon them positively, however difficult or painful they are, they have the potential to awake you and turn your whole life into a new direction.

Mostly external events motivate a person to seek help and support. In the sessions we find out that these occasions are a catalyst for deeper material. The original problem often serves as an entry point for a longer journey of discovery to one's Self. In the sessions a whole web of less conscious interrelated issues may come up which shine a new light on old and familiar issues.

3. Positive intentions

The second kind of motivation to change is part of the positive intention to grow through joy, in other words: to unfold our potential. We express this desire through a positive intent or affirmation of what we would like to achieve.

An affirmation is composed of consciously chosen words, which express or support your intention. An example is: "I am loving" or: "I am healthy and vital." Affirmations give your energy a positive goal.

Affirmations delete old programs and replace them with new ideas, insights and objectives. A client, who had a strong resonance with a 'pleasure to fail', changed her viewpoint with the affirmation: "I am a success". Another client, whose life was determined by a fear to fall, changed her life's perspective with the sentence: "I move actively towards positive change and growth."

Your feelings or actions often sabotage your best intents, because they function on a lower frequency level than your desired situation. You can wish for health and at the same time you are attached to junk food. You can long for a good partnership and at the same time you are full of hostility and mistrust towards the other sex.

Holographic Repatterning shifts your frequency back to its optimal level of functioning in regard to your positive intention, so that all levels of your being are united and attuned to the same goal. If you are in harmony with your ideals, your life moves continuously towards the realisation of your ideals.

4. Unconscious Patterns and Energy Restrictions

The fourth step deals with the unconscious patterns, which support your limiting strategies and prevent you from realising your positive goals.

The Holographic Repatterning works with three fundamental types of unconscious patterns:

  • Beliefs which are reflected in your Self-Image and language
  • Survival strategies, which helped you to overcome traumatic situations and hinder you today to live a fulfilled life
  • Energy constrictions in your Elements, Meridian-and Chakrasystem.

We are what we think. First of all we are what we learned about ourselves through our environment: parents, teachers and media. This plait of opinions, judgements and prejudices determine, how we see and create reality. If these opinions are negative, less-than-optimal frequencies run our life. In such a case, our ability to manifest a positive reality is limited. Only if we transform the underlying structures, can we reach a permanent change, which allows us to unfold our full potential.

Survival mechanisms are anchored in our animal part, the reptilian brain. It continues to respond to survival threats earlier in our lives that get activated in current situations similar to the earlier ones. Our animal part responds to danger with a flight-fight mechanism. If circumstances do not allow the appropriate response to be expressed, we hold the blocked energy in our brain. As a result, we may withdraw if confronted with threatening situations; we may become paralysed, isolate us, get into a panic or use violence, fight and control to protect ourselves. These programmed reactions do not allow us to recognise possible sources of danger and to respond appropriately to them. Nor are we able to relax trusting that our survival needs and our safety is taken care of. Holographic Repatterning establishes useful and life-enhancing reactions in the brain and nervous system.

The third area, which prevents us to live a fulfilled life, are blocks or energy constrictions in the energy centres and flows of our bodymind-system.

In the chapter about 'The Cycle of Manifestation' I have pointed out, how, according to the Ayurvedic system, the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth govern physical functioning, emotional states and mental attitudes. Traditional Chinese medicine uses the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and the associated meridians or energy flows in the body to determine our well- being. For example, the earth element controls the nurturing, supportive aspect and relates to our security and grounding. If this element is blocked, we may feel uncertain in our legs, we may make ourselves at home in our mind instead of the body and we may have the sense, that we cannot receive the physical, emotional or mental food, that we need.

Using Holographic Repatterning, you can identify the energy constrictions in your system and how it effects particular areas of your life. These areas can relate to your personal life such as your body, feelings or thoughts or to your relationships, work situation or connection with the universe.

Unconscious responses relate to unresolved earlier experiences, in which basic life or spiritual needs were not met. Some of those situations are just part of the cycle of life such as when siblings get born, when parents move and you have to change school and friends or when parents separate. Others are of a traumatic nature such as witnessing a deadly acident, loss of loved ones or abuse of power in its many ways. Some of those events may be prenatal experiences or unresolved issues of archetypal nature. They connect us with the collective unconscious of mankind. To resolve those situations, you only need to bring forth those aspects of the event that determine your life at present.

5. Self-healing Modalities

Chloe Wordsworth has put together a broad variety of self healing techniques derived from western and eastern traditions. Among them are body movements, breath techniques, acupuncture, toning, overtone chanting, tuning fork vibrations, light frequencies, creative expression and affirmations.

In the sessions you use muscle checking that I will explain in the next section to identify the sources of energy that your body-mind-system needs in order to regain its optimal functioning in respect to the issue.

6. Positive Action

Sometimes it takes more time than just a session to return to the optimal level of functioning. You need a positive action, that helps your system to integrate the new level of frequency. A list of actions helps you to identify what you need to do in order to help your system to regain its balance.


Each bodymind-system needs a time of adjustment to a new and higher energy level. Many people feel threatened by the life force and abolish an increase in vitality through established discharge mechanisms such as excessive eating, alcohol, cigarettes, obsessive shopping, or retreating to television or computers.

Some clients feel immediately uplifted after a session enjoying a direct increase in vigour and vitality. Others need more time to clear old programs. Physical, mental or emotional cleansing can manifest as a fever, cold, cough, sore throat, headache, nausea or diarrhoea. It is usually an intense reaction that only lasts a short time. Some clients feel vulnerable, anxious, oversensitive, crying, have vivid dreams or nightmares.

With experience you gain confidence, that your frequency system guides the self healing process and adjusts and integrates whatever comes up in a session.


Muscle Checking Biofeedback System

The muscle checking biofeedback system is the important tool used in Holographic Repatterning to access information. You may know it from working with a kinesiologists or chiropracticer. You use the strength or weakness of the muscular system or a specific muscle in response to a verbal or non-verbal stimulus to access your data bank. This may sound incredible. For your own experience, gently press down on a friend's outstretched arm while you appreciate him or her and you will notice that the arm stays strong. Use the same gentle push while you put him or her down, and the arm will get weak and fall down.

What does that mean?

The significance of a "strong" or "weak" muscular response in the Holographic Repatterning system is that it reflects a wave pattern frequency. As I said before, the physical senses take in information from the environment as frequencies. The brain evaluates the messages as positive or negative and transmits them to each cell, organ and muscle. Your whole body is a biofeedback system that constantly reacts and responds to physical, emotional and mental stimuli. You can use each muscle to find out, whether an external event or your internal response strengthens or weakens your physical, emotional or mental system.

But not only that. We are all linked together. For that reason, you can empathetically sense what's happening in another person. You can also use your own body as a biofeedbacksytem to access the 'data' of another person. Of course, you would need their permission and you need to be free of personal motives and interests in regard to the result. Without being neutral you may otherwise be tempted to manipulate what's coming up in a session.

The vibratory field of which we all are part is beyond space and time. Phones, radio and television use this fact to connect us across the continents. But even without the technical support, people have been able to pick up information from other times and other places. We call it telepathy. You use it when you suddenly think of somebody and moments later you receive a letter from that person. Or when you feel that disaster is coming your way.

In the six-step-process, the practitioner uses the capacity of his or her bodymind-system to find out, which area holds the key for your problems and self healing. From a large data base, he or she pulls out the data, that created and sustain the problem. The database consists of information to unconscious responses to earlier experiences such as beliefs and survival strategies, our generational history, archetypal patterns and unresolved energy constrictions within the chakra and meridian system that continue to determine our thinking, feeling and acting. The practitioner examines, which positive intention will help you to solve the problem and determines the self healing modality, which will shift your wave pattern so that you regain your optimal frequency level of functioning in regard to the issue.

The quality of information does not depend on you being in the room. A practitioner can proxy muscle check on behalf of a person that is miles away by using his or her own system to access the necessary information. It is as easy as turning on a radio or television and listening to broadcasts from thousands of miles away. Numerous sessions in Holographic Repatterning have proven, that this information is consistently correct and precise. Its disclosure effectively improves the life of the person being proxied.

The muscle checking feedback system allows the practitioner to adjust the tool precisely to your situation. In each session he or she tests the different aspects of an issue and the sequence, in which they need to get resolved. The tool allows to equally take into account your needs and the complexity of the unconscious patterns as well as the range of the frequency wave patterns, which create our reality.

As we are all linked together, we actually share many of the issues that make life difficult and feel like a struggle. In the chapter about 'The Guilty Universe' I pointed out the cultural programming that results from Christian beliefs in our culture and has penetrated our body-mind-system with deep-rooted feelings of guilt and shame. In the chapter about 'Challenges' I pointed out the consequences of our socio-economic system with the desintegration of the traditional family structure that leaves many people feel lonely and isolated and without a deeper meaning for their lives.

A practitioner who has experience with proxy-sessions and knows how to work a field of common issues, can shift those structures for a whole group of people. This is offered as 'group repatterning' and 'cultural repatterning' where you can register for a course with a specific theme such as 'Growing through Joy', 'Relationships', 'Love and Sexuality' and others. The course runs over several months. The practitioner checks out the needs of the participants, and focuses one session per week on one specific sub-theme for the whole group. You receive a summary of each session and, if you so wish, a protocol and suggestions for homework that will help you to integrate the material into your daily life.

The group and cultural repatterning helps to shift those aspects of your life that have been passed on by your family, the mass media or the generation chain. You may find that long standing problems are just oozing away, that you gain insights into the structures of some old and familiar patterns, and/ or that it becomes easier to let go of old traps and move towards new goals.


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