Growing through Joy

Dr. Ulla Sebastian

Growing through Joy

How to live a self empowered, joyful and fulfilled life

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A personal message from Dr. Ulla Sebastian:


Dear friend,

Tired of Suffering?

Are you wondering why all your work on the physical, emotional and mental level doesn't seem to change basic patterns in your life?

Well, then you go through the same experience as I did for many years of my life trying to figure out where and how I could switch off this button of suffering.

For most of my lifetime, I researched everything I could get my hands on within the realm of psychotherapy, body therapy, humanistic and transpersonal psychology and Eastern wisdom.

You find the results of these four decades of continuous search in my book: Growing through Joy


As I was finding my way through the maze of human nature, I realised that energetic patterns keep physical symptoms, emotional distress and negative beliefs in place. For basic shifts to happen our body-mind-system needs rewiring so that all our work gets integrated and synthesised on a higher level of frequency.

Only when you shift the resonance with your life-depleting patterns, all your work can integrate on a higher level of coherence.

Coherence is a term in physics describing the degree of order within a system. You experience a high degree as health, well being and fulfilment, a low degree as chaos, disorientation and dis-ease.

In my book 'Growing through Joy', I have outlined in detail all the principles and steps that you need to shift the resonance with your life-depleting patterns and to create a higher level of coherence


In the book, I explain in a language that you can easily understand how you construct your reality. This understanding is based on modern physics, research about the functioning of your consciousness and Eastern traditions.

Examples from my own life and from work with thousands of people exemplify the principles and steps so that you can easily grasp it.

The book helps you to understand the deeper motives of suffering.


It is important to distinguish between suffering and pain. Pain signalises an injury or an imbalance in our system. Suffering is a fixation on the pain, an attitude of ignorance or an attempt to find an identity.

Pain is a natural reaction to loss. The pain passes, if you allow yourself to mourn the loss. After such active mourning you turn back to life.

Guilt feelings or rage against the injustice of the world feed suffering. If you do not recognise and acknowledge these feelings the suffering then can turn into a victim position.

A victim position differs from a victim situation by re-creating a victim situation in the mind. All the thoughts and feelings connected with it then influence the perspective on life.

A victim situation happens in life. Out of such a situation the victim position emerges with all the associated feelings of powerless rage and guilt feelings, which then gets repeated in life.

The understanding of these motives is an important step to free yourself from the grip of suffering.

What is the benefit of this book for YOU?

Consciousness heals. Consciousness is a tool that allows you to see through the illusions and confusions that make you prone for suffering.


To expand your consciousness, you will discover

  • The four pillars of how to grow joy in your life

  • The difference it makes when you say YES: YES to life, to the Self, to the other person, to your community, to human values and to the union with life and the challenges that you have to face in making these choices

  • How the creation of your own story keeps you in bondage and how you can change it

  • How self-forgiveness can set you free

  • The difference between guilt feelings and responsibility

  • The difference between a victim and a victim attitude

  • The illusion of romantic love, how it makes you unhappy and how you can move beyond it

  • The secret of true sharing

  • The power of counting your blessings

  • The balance of giving and receiving and how you can attain it

  • The spiral nature of the process of life

  • How you can use love as a growth process

  • How you can use your life patterns as signposts for a fulfilled life
You also need hand-on tools such as exercises and instructions. The book provides you with a manual of transformation providing you with tools on the mental, emotional and physical level.


To move beyond suffering, learn to

  • breathe and pulse in your natural way to build up your energy level

  • connect with your Higher Self

  • remove blockages to your fulfilment

  • let go of the past and live in the here and now

  • stop being a victim

  • get clear on your vision and goals in life

  • understand the higher meaning of painful life experiences and to use them to build your inner strength

  • stop hurting yourself

  • broaden your consciousness and increase your practical intelligence

  • set clear boundaries for your protection

  • let go of painful childhood experiences

  • know your limitations and how to expand them

  • improve your physical health and energy level

  • release tensions and relax deeply

  • see through your own games and the games others play

  • use the power of your mind to create the reality that you want

  • use the power of your inner guide for direction

  • make powerful choices that magically draw into your life the resources you need

  • change the monsters of your life (fears, terror, anger, inner criticism) into allies

I won't promise you that it will be done in seconds or minutes. If it were so easy I am sure you would have done it by now with all the books and instructions around.

Fourty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of Selfgrowth and transformation have taught me that changing deep-rooted beliefs and habits is not done in an act of minutes. It takes a focused and continuous effort.

The book provides the tools how to build your physical and inner strength so that you develop the necessary stamina to Grow through Joy.


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