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I am fascinated by the adventure of the mind and convinced of the global necessity to raise humanity's consciousness to ensure our survival and the survival of the planet.

My work spans a wide range of themes for professional and personal growth. It is the result of forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of selfgrowth and transformation that will support you to make your journey faster, less painful and more effective. If your journey has felt like climbing up the same stairs over and over again, I am offering you an elevator that will shift the energetic patterns, which are holding physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and mental belief systems in place. I describe this approach in my book: Growing through Joy (Findhorn Press 1999)

Background of my Work

Have you ever wondered why all your work on the physical, emotional and mental hasn't really changed basic patterns in your life?

The reason is that for basic shifts to happen your body-mind-system needs rewiring so that all your work gets integrated and synthesised on a higher level of frequency.

I have an image for this process. If you throw a stone into a pond, it will create ripples on the water. Most therapies work on the ripples. I am interested in changing the stone so that new ripples will move out.

Working on the stone is in its essence a deeply spiritual work that integrates modern science and Eastern knowledge. During the last 40 years I developed a toolbox that allows me to identify the underlying energetic patterns that keep physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and mental belief systems in place, to shift them and to share creative solutions with you. The toolbox is based on

  • Psychoanalytic knowledge of childhood experiences that determine our outlook and behaviour as adults,

  • Bioenergetic knowledge of energy processes that form body postures, muscular tension patterns and characterological responses to the challenges of life, as developed by Alexander Lowen in Bioenergetic Analysis

  • Systemic knowledge about the influence of family structures, cultural values and social conditions,

  • Neurophysiological knowledge of brain structures and brain waves

  • Quantum physical knowledge about wave patterns and how to optimise them as developed by Chloe Wordsworth in Holographic Repatterning

  • Eastern knowledge of energy patterns and energy refinement as brought to the West by Mantak Chia in the Healing Tao and

  • The unifying power of inner images to transform deep-rooted patterns that I developed and called Holographic Analysis

Through books, lectures, free courses and distance courses, workshops and personal life coaching I teach people

  • how to access their own healing force,
  • connect and work with their inner guide for self-healing, self-transformation and for manifesting their vision and goals,
  • change their resonance with negative life patterns
  • and move towards an empowered, healthy and fulfilled life.

Professional background

My life path allowed me to work as a psychotherapist, trainer and seminar leader for the last 30 years and to share my knowledge and experience in numerous books and articles. As a Professor for Clinical Psychology at the Fachhochschule Dortmund, Germany, I trained social workers in the fields of psychiatry, crisis intervention, alcoholism, drugs and domestic violence.

At the same time I developed a private practice for psychotherapy and directed the North German Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, training physicians and psychologists to become Psychotherapists for Bioenergetic Analysis.

I spent twelve years from 1987 - 1999 in the international educational centre and spiritual community in Findhorn, Scotland. I built one of the first ecological houses that I ran as a B&B.

During my first years, I have been responsible for the educational stream of the Foundation and the integration of the evolving community. Since 1991, I worked intensely with people from all over the world offering them tools for personal transformation on an individual base.

Since 1999 I live in Germany offering Training, Supervision and Coaching for the professional fields and Distance courses, Workshops, Books, Lectures and personal life coaching for people who want to take charge of their life and environment to live a self-empowered, healthy and meaningful life


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