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Quantum Physics tells us that our bodies are systems of dynamic energies that we perceive as solid structures and postures. They form the base of our deep-rooted emotions, beliefs and behavioural patterns that are the result of our life's experiences: our unmet life needs, our (unconscious) responses to difficult and sometimes traumatic events, our coping mechanisms, beliefs and attitudes. If we can read the language of those shapes, we can decipher the story of our childhood.

More important though, we can choose to restructure the form of the dynamic energies by rewiring our brains and by establishing new pathways for the energies to flow through our bodies. A very powerful tool is the 'basic pulsation of life-movement', that combines the ongoing wave of inbreath and outbreath with the ability to stand our ground in our daily life. If used as a daily practice, it helps to shift deep-rooted habits in a gradual process of transformation



Holographic Analysis makes use of the fact that our memories function like holograms. Sensory impressions, body sensations, thought flashes or intuition can bring forward an entire picture from our past, similar to that of a laser beam that creates a Hologram, a three-dimensional picture of a virtual reality. These images of the past have their base in real life experiences that have formed into stories that make up the identity of our personality.

Under the guidance of our 'Higher Self' we can go back to the original source of our limiting life's patterns and look at the structure and dynamic from our present consciousness. When the structure of a difficult and often traumatic event becomes conscious, it dissolves. (For an in-depth abalysis and description of the tools, see the book: Growing through Joy . Findhorn Press, April 1999 or the ebook version: Beyond Suffering or the article: From Horse(wo)man to Centaur. Healing the Split between Body, Mind and Spirit )

Using the language of symbols, we can look at the deeper meaning of symptoms such as sickness, chronic tensions, pains, or repeating patterns in our relationships and replace them through mature expressions of their positive intentions. In this way we can transform the programmes of suffering and violence into positive life energies.



Resonance Repatterning (formerly called Holographic Repatterning) is based on the theory that our energy frequencies become constricted in response to unmet life needs and unconscious limiting beliefs and as a result lose their optimal frequency and their optimal functioning.

Less than optimal frequencies manifest as unconscious patterns of negative resonance: We find ourselves resonating with life-depleting responses which manifest as business issues, pain, sickness, unworkable relationships and the inability to experience happiness and joy.

Chloe Wordsworth, the originator of this approach, developed a Six-Step-Programme that allows us to identify and transform the energy constrictions and unconscious patterns that underlie any limitation we experience in our life. Within this process, we use muscle checking as a way to access positive or negative resonances and to find out what self-healing modalities (massage, movements, breath, sound, acupuncture, color, light, positive visualisations) will bring us back on-line with our optimal frequencies.

For further information, click here for an article about Resonance (or Holographic) Repatterning



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